NDN Calibration Laboratory with accreditation!

In July 2022, our Calibration Laboratory received accreditation with the number AP 209 granted by the Polish Center for Accreditation (PCA) under the EA MLA international agreement. Thus, the Laboratory confirmed compliance with the requirements of PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories" in the field of calibration of electrical quantities.



AV1464 /A/B/C Synthesized Signal Generator



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Portable RF telecommunications tester - Ceyear 4945B/C

Key features of the device:

  • Many RF test functions: spectrum analysis by sweeping, wideband and narrowband power measurement, frequency error measurement, RF signal source;
  • Standard analog communication test: generation of AM, FM, SSB signals and demodulation analysis. Graphic display of audio demodulation, measurement functions of the following quantities: SINAD (Signal to noise and distortion ratio), SNR, distortion ratio, modulation speed. Built-in speaker supports real-time demodulated signal.
  • Standard digital communication test (optional): generation and analysis of digital vector signal with 10MHz bandwidth, bit error rate measurement, real-time digital demodulation output interface;
  • Frequency-Hopping test (optional): generation and analysis of frequency-hopping signal in the 60MHz transition band. Frequency-hopping analysis supports measurement and presentation of results in the form of cascade and frequency-time type graphs. A single capture takes 1.3s at 60MHz bandwidth, and the time resolution is 10ns;
  • Audio signal testing: audio signal generation and analysis, maximum audio input level reaches 30Vrms (high impedance), maximum audio output level reaches 7Vrms (high impedance); ability to measure frequency, level, SINAD, SNR and distortion ratio; support for dual-tone output with separate frequency and amplitude adjustment, relatively phase;
  • Two-channel oscilloscope (optional): DC~4MHz;
  • Automatic test software: on-line editing of DUT parameters, PTT control interface to regulate transmission in the DUT process; Built-in high power attenuator: maximum input power of 150W;
  • Portable design: external size (without handles): 426 (W)×222 (H)×180 (D)mm, easy to carry;
  • Diverse power modes: standard configuration supports AC220V or DC24V, built-in lithium-ion battery available;
  • Network interface control;
  • 10.4-inch resistive touch screen, English interface, color selection;
  • Support for simultaneous operations on multi-function windows, simultaneous operation of up to 4 windows;

Automatic function testing of radio communication devices

Ability to create and edit models, parameters and qualified limits of DUT specifications. Just connect the cable to the device under test, and the comprehensive test set will automatically perform the test. Control of transmitting and receiving information from/to the DUT is provided by PTT. When the DUT needs to be configured or the cable needs to be changed, the test set will automatically stop the test, display relevant messages and wait for user action. When finished, qualified and unqualified items will be directly listed. Functions such as storing, viewing, comparing and remote reading are also available.

Transmitter test

Ability to perform simultaneous transmitter performance tests, measuring parameters such as signal power, frequency error, signal modulation characteristics, audio demodulation, etc. Ability to listen to audio signals of transmitters, single/double tone selection available. Ability to simulate remote control signals.

Receiver test

Ability to send FM, AM and SSB RF signals; audio signal demodulation analysis; accurate measurement of frequency, voltage, distortion ratio, SINAD and SNR.

Function as a radio signal generator

Analog modulations of FM, AM, SSB, etc. and digital modulations of BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, GMSK, 16QAM, etc. are available. The maximum symbol rate of digital modulation is 5MBd/s. The test set sustains the generation of frequency hopping signals in the 60MHz band.

Radio reception and demodulation

The test set allows demodulation and analysis of analog-modulated signals: FM, AM, SSB, etc., and digitally: BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, GMSK and 16QAM. Parameters and waveforms of demodulated signals are displayed. The maximum bandwidth of the analog signal being demodulated is 300kHz; the maximum symbol rate of digital modulation/demodulation is 5MBd/s. Narrow-band power measurement is available.

Spectral analysis

Features wide frequency bandwidth, high resolution, high sensitivity and large dynamic range.

Frequency-hopping signal analysis

The maximum bandwidth for frequency-hopping signal analysis is 60 MHz. It is possible to display a three-dimensional spectrum plot or a frequency/amplitude plot as a function of time. The test can capture, store and analyze FH signals. It is possible to view the spectrum and modulation indication graphs at any time. When a measurement is in progress, frequency points of successive time frames are collected and displayed. Frequency jump points can be directly observed. Pulse and transient signals can also be measured.

Audio signal generation

Single and dual tones are available for selection. The maximum output level reaches 7Vrms.

Audio signal analysis

An audio filter is optional. The maximum input level is up to 30Vrms. The test set supports measurement of frequency, level, distortion level, SINAD and SNR, as well as audio waveform display.

Simultaneous multi-window operation.

Simultaneous operation of up to 4 windows, each window can be zoomed in individually.

Wide applications

The 4945B/C RF communication test set is widely used in R&D, repair, maintenance and testing of communication equipment due to the advanced functions and high performance offered.

  • Multiple RF testing functions: sweep spectrum analysis, broadband and narrow band power measurement, frequency error measurement, RF signal source;
  • Analog standard communication test: AM, FM, SSB signal generation and demodulation analysis. Equipped with graphic display of demodulation audio, SINAD, SNR, distortion degree, modulation rate and other measurement functions and a built-in speaker which outputs demodulation voice in real-time. Modulation signal generator and modulation 2 source support external audio and microphone;
  • Digital standard communication test (option): 10MHz bandwidth digital vector signal generation and analysis, bit error rate measurement, with real-time output interface of digital demodulation;
  • Frequency-hopping test (option): 60MHz transient bandwidth frequency-hopping signal generation and analysis. Frequency-hopping analysis supports measurement types like waterfall chart and frequency-time. Single capture lasts 1.3s at the bandwidth of 60MHz and the time resolution is 10ns;
  • Audio signal testing: audio signal generation and analysis, the max. audio input level reaches 30Vrms (high impedance), the max. audio output level reaches 7Vrms (high impedance); capable of measurements on frequency, level, SINAD, SNR and distortion degree; audio generation supports dual-tone output; individual adjustment is available for dual-tone frequency and amplitude, phase is adjustable relatively;
  • Dual-channel oscilloscope (option): DC~4MHz;
  • Auto test software: on-line editing of DUT (device under testing) parameters, auto pilot testing, yield of test reports and other functions. The PTT control interface regulates transmitting and receiving of DUT;  Built-in attenuator with high power: the max. input power is as high as150W;
  • Portable structure: external size (without handles): 426 (W)×222 (H)×180 (D)mm, easy for carry-on and application;
  • Diversified power supply modes: the standard configuration supports AC220V or DC24V, built-in lithium-ion battery is available;
  • Support network interface programming control;
  • 10.4 inch large screen, resistor touch screen, English/Simplified Chinese interface, interface colors are free for your choice;
  • Support simultaneous operations on multi-function windows, up to 4 windows can be operated at the same time.

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