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telephone numbers:
(+48 22) 644-42-50
(+48 22) 641-15-47

(+48 22) 641-61-96


We work from Monday to Friday in the hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm

Billing details

NDN-Zbigniew Daniluk
Janowskiego 15 Street
02-784 Warsaw, POLAND

VAT ID: PL521-044-00-73


Package Delivery DHL prices in Poland

For delivery to other country, please ask our consultant.


Parcels are insured at our expense.

Payment: transfer, prepayment (package up to 30kg)

Price: 16 PLN + VAT (19,68 PLN gross price)

Payment: cash on delivery (package up to 30kg)

Price: 19 PLN + VAT (23,37 PLN gross price)

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