NDN company was established in 1988 and is the market leader in Test&Measurement equipment in Poland.

It is distinguished by the wide range of the commercial offer and the high market activity. NDN offers a full spectrum of T&M instruments from electronics and power, from popular multimeter models through mid-range equipment to top-end instruments such as LeCroy or Yokogawa. The distribution of T&M equipment is complemented by a wide range of electronics tools and calibration services, as well as testing laboratory.

NDN is also distributor of time-patterns PTF Inc., RF signal generators RFLambda, high resistance and current shunts from Ohm-Labs, broadband RF power amplifiers Keylink Microwave, vector network analyzers and radiation measurement systems MegiQ, Pratt&Whitney Labmaster universal measuring systems.

The characteristic of NDN is that it is not based on one category or group of products. It is balanced, covering the entire cross-section of measuring equipment. Below are the main assortment groups:

Measurement equipment:

  • Analog, digital and automotive multimeters, millimeters, clamp meters

  • Analog, digital and digital oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, frequency meters

  • Function generators, test image generators, signal generators

  • Temperature and humidity probes, power meters, light meters, RLC meters and bridges

  • Power analyzers and power quality

  • Laser rangefinders, thermal imaging cameras, oscilloscope cards

Control equipment:

  • Logic analyzers, laboratory measurement systems

  • Temperature, voltage and current calibrators, electronic load

  • Transducers, temperature regulators, recorders

  • Telecommunication testers, digital circuit testers, device testers


  • Workshop lamps

  • Soldering irons

  • Laboratory furniture

  • Soldering and measuring accessories, autotransformers and transformers, decades, laboratory power supplies

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