NDN company, apart from trade and laboratory activity, conducts service of apparatus authorized by producers. Qualified employees carry out warranty and post-warranty repairs of measurement equipment purchased from us, in particular:

  • digital multimeters

  • laboratory power supplies

  • oscilloscopes

  • frequency meters

  • clamp meters

  • generators

  • spectrum analysers

  • meters of non-electrical quantities

  • meters for electricians


You have the possibility to have your equipment repaired covered by the warranty. The exact duration of the warranty can be found on the warranty card enclosed with the purchased equipment.


Our service also offers repairs of post-warranty equipment.

If you wish to repair a device that was not purchased from us, it is very important to contact us by e-mail ( or telephone (22 641 15 47). A short conversation will help us to verify whether we have the right parts to repair it and, perhaps, save your time and costs connected with sending the device to us.

In order to meet our customers' expectations, we carry out a free diagnosis of your device. Then, we prepare an estimate of possible repair costs. After receiving it, you decide whether the repair should be carried out by us or the equipment should be sent back to you. Sometimes it turns out that it is more profitable to buy new equipment.


Before sending the equipment to us it is necessary to contact us by e-mail

*This is the case if the item to be repaired is not purchased from NDN, however we also recommend this step before servicing equipment purchased from us.

Please fill in the service form carefully - contact details (phone and e-mail) are essential, so that we can keep you informed about the diagnosis and condition of the equipment sent. Additionally, it is very important to fill in the field with the description of the defect and answer the questions it contains. Thanks to this, our service technicians will have valuable information about the fault, which will significantly improve the diagnosis and the course of repair of the device.

Please send the form together with the device and the warranty card (if the warranty is valid) to the following address:

NDN-Zbigniew Daniluk

15 Janowskiego St.

02-784 Warszawa

Service form - tap to download

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our service by phone or e-mail.

tel: 22 641 15 47

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