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  • Podstawowa dokładność 0,1%
  • Pasmo pomiaru 0,5Hz - 100kHz
  • Pomiar wszystkich parametrów AC i DC
  • W standardzie USB oraz GPIB lub RS232
  • Pomiary małych prądów rzędu 50uA
  • Szybka aktualizacja danych (do 10 odczytów /s)
  • opcjonalny interfejs Ethernet

he WT300's wide range of funcations and enhanced specifications allows to handle all the measurement applications from low-frequency to high frequency inverters using a single power meter.

Accuracy with fast display and update rate:
The WT300 series with the fast display and date update rate of Max. 100ms offers the customer a short tact time in their testing procedure. The basic accuracy for all input ranges is 0.1% rdg + 0.1% rng (50/60Hz) and DC 0.1% rdg + 0.2% rng (0.2% + 0.2% for 40A).

Simultaneous Measurement:
U/I/P/Freq/Integ(+/-)/Harmonics components/ THD with max. 100ms cycle.

In addition to standard power measurements, the WT300 offer a wide range of harmonic measurement capabilities, including the ability to carry out simultaneous measurement of normal power parameters such as RMS, mean or DC power along with measurement of harmonics up to the 50th order. As a result, overall measurement times are reduced, allowing users to allocate their effort and time to other tasks.

First in Class:

Auto ranging function available in selected ranges.

The auto-range function is used to select or change the range automatically in specific ranges. This results in shorter range changing times, allowing more quick and efficient testing.

First In Clas.fw

First in Industry:

Auto Ranging Function For Integration Measurement.

Typically, when power meters operate in an integration mode to measure power consumption and standby power, the measuring ranges need to be fixed. However, if the level of the input exceeds the maximum of the selected range, the test will need to be repeated. The WT300 Series has a high speed automatic ranging capability in integration mode, which removes the need to repeat any test.

Bandwidth: DC and 0.5Hz to 100 kHz (WT310HC is up to 20 kHz for 40A).

Direct Input:
Maximum direct input up to 600V and 20A, or 40A (incase of WT310HC). The wide current input range gives the customer options to use the WT300 series from as low as 50 micro-Amps to 40Arms.

High-speed data update (up to 10 readings per second.)

Wide current input range

  • Wide current input ranges: The WT300 series offers a wide range of current inputs from a few mA t
  • Simultaneous measurement of all parameters: The WT300 can measure all DC and AC parameters. The WT300 series can also measure harmonics and perform integration simultaneously without changing the measurement mode.
  • Fast display and data update rate: The fast display and 100 ms maximum data update rate of the WT300 series offers a short tact time in testing procedures. 0.1% of reading + 0.1% of range (50Hz/60Hz)
  • MAX hold function: The maximum values of RMS/PEAK voltage & current active power, reactive power and apparent power can be held.
  • Line filter and frequency filter capability: These filter functions will cut off unnecessary noise & harmonic components for fundamental waveform measurements.
The WT300 series offers a wide range of communication interfaces such as USB, GP-IB or RS-232 (selectable) and Ethernet (Optional)

Allows users to have the flexibility to choose according to applications needs. Using the WTViewerFreePlus software to set up all kinds of measurements. Additionally, the numeric values, waveform display, and trend graphs of the measurement data can be displayed and saved.

Communication Interface

D/A output for measurement recording

The D/A option is used to output Voltage, Current, Power, and other measured data for recording to data loggers (+/-5Vdc outputs).

DA Output

Two new functions added to D/A output option. (Firmware Ver1.04)

Two new functions, Manual Range Mode and Comparator Mode can be used conveniently with built-in PLC and recorders in production line inspection systems.

Manual Range Mode

The default settings will set D/A output value to rated value of measurement range. In this mode, D/A output can be zoomed in and out on each channel by arbitrarily setting the display value of measurement items when D/A output is either -5V or +5V. For example, if you measure the fluctuating current from 0.6A to 0.8A by 1A current range with D/A output range mode switched to fixed range mode, the D/A output voltage will fluctuate from 3.0V to 4.0V. The D/A zoom function is available for enlarging and observing this fluctuating value. Set the D/A output range mode to manual range mode with minimum value set to 0.6A and the maximum value to 0.8A. Then, when the current value measured is 0.6A, the output will be -5V, and when it’s 0.8A, the output will be 5V.

Comparator Mode

This mode will compare measured, computed, and integrated values with previously set determined value by the communication command, and output (from -5V to +5V) determined results by D/A output. If you are going to use a relay contact output, please prepare the relay and the relay drive circuit.

The upper and lower limit value of Comparator Mode
The following are the D/A output during the Comparator Mode

  • Less than lower limit value. Output: -5 V
  • Greater than lower limit value and less than upper limit value. Output: 0 V
  • Greater than upper limit value. Output: +5 V

* The above 2 modes can only be set by the communication command.
* Both modes can be set for all D/A output items.


Installation Example

WT300 Instrukcja obsługi

WT300 Instrukcja obsługi

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WT300 Instrukcja programowania

WT300 Instrukcja programowania

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