NDN Calibration Laboratory with accreditation!

In July 2022, our Calibration Laboratory received accreditation with the number AP 209 granted by the Polish Center for Accreditation (PCA) under the EA MLA international agreement. Thus, the Laboratory confirmed compliance with the requirements of PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories" in the field of calibration of electrical quantities.

Yokogawa launches high-resolution oscilloscopes with DLM5000HD series

Yokogawa expands oscilloscope portfolio with 500 MHz and 350 MHz frequency band models

Rigol with new Microwave Generator Series up to 8 channels

RIGOL Technologies EU GmbH presents a new microwave generator up to 8 channels with two different frequency ranges:

  • 9 kHz to 12 GHz
  • 9 kHz to 20 GHz



Laboratory power supply DF1743005C NDN Four-channel 0~30V 0~5A.



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  • Output voltage 2 x (0-30V), 1 x (3-6V), 1 x (8-15V)
  • Output current 2 x (0-5A), 1 x 3A, 1 x 1A
  • Soft start
  • Precision multi-turn voltage setting potentiometers 2 x (0-30V)
  • Voltage measurement accuracy: ±1% + 2 digits,
  • Accuracy of current measurement: ±2% + 2 digits
  • Display 4 x LED
  • Number of outputs - Quadruple
  • Voltage stabilization factor: CV≤1 x 10-4+1mV(CH1 and CH2), CC≤2 x 10-3+1mA(CH1 and CH2), CV≤1 x 10-4+1mV(CH3 and CH4)
  • Load stabilization factor CV≤1 x 10-4+2mV(CH1 and CH2), CC≤2 x 10-3+2mA(CH1 and CH2), CV≤1 x 10-3+3mV(CH3 and CH4)
  • Ripple and noise CV≤0.5mVrms (5Hz-1MHz), CC≤3mArms (CH1 and CH2), CV≤1mVrms (5Hz-1MHz)(CH3 and CH4)
  • Protection against overload, reverse polarity, and current and short-circuit limitation
  • Serial, parallel, tracking operation
  • Output on/off
  • Current limit Setting current limit when output is disconnected
  • Dimensions: 252 x 155 x 305 mm
  • Weight: 9kg
  • Transformer-based power supply design
  • Cooling type: fan
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