NDN Calibration Laboratory with accreditation!

In July 2022, our Calibration Laboratory received accreditation with the number AP 209 granted by the Polish Center for Accreditation (PCA) under the EA MLA international agreement. Thus, the Laboratory confirmed compliance with the requirements of PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories" in the field of calibration of electrical quantities.



Multimetr APPA S3



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It is possible to purchase an accredited multimeter calibration certificate.

Product overview

APPA S2 is a multimeter for measurements for HVAC sanitary engineering (air conditioning, building ventilation). The device has a backlit LCD display with a maximum indication of 6000. The APPA S2 allows you to connect to the APPA Connect application via Bluetooth. The app is supported on both Android and IOS operating systems.

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The APPA Connect app allows you to read the results on your phone's screen. Graphs of signal waveforms over time are available. Using the app, the user can keep data logs and record the readings of the measured quantities.

Key features

  • Measurement functions
  • AC voltage up to 1000V
  • DC voltage up to 1000V
  • Current in ranges 600.0μA~400mA
  • Frequency in ranges of 100.00Hz~100.00kHz
  • Capacitance in ranges of 1000nF~10.00mF
  • Resistance in ranges 600.0Ω~40.00MΩ
  • Continuity test with sound
  • Temperature -40.0°C~400°C
  • LoZ: 600.0V~1000V
  • Diode test
  • TrueRMS
  • Basic accuracy
  • 0.5% DCV, 1% ACV, 1% DCA, 1.5% ACA
  • Display
  • LCD with white backlight
  • Maximum display: 6,000
  • Bar graph 60 segments
  • Additional features
  • Sampling rate of 3 times/s
  • Maximum resolution 0.1mV / 0.1μA / 0.1Ω / 0.01Hz / 1nF / 0.1°C
  • High frequency rejection
  • LoZ - eliminates the effect of residual voltages
  • Automatic change of AC/DC ranges
  • Data logging/manual recording of up to 4000 records
  • Bluetooth connection to APPA Connect (app available for Android, iOS)
  • MIN, MAX value recorder
  • Automatic voltage detection
  • RELATIVE function
  • Automatic shutdown
  • High power fuse
  • Battery discharge indication
  • Resistant to a fall from 1.2 m
  • Safety: CAT IV 600V/ CATIII 1000V
  • Included accessories
  • Test leads
  • Rubber sheath with probe holder, stand and magnetic hanger
  • Battery
  • Temperature probe
  • Operating instructions
  • 2 AA-type batteries
  • Warranty
  • 12 months
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