NDN Calibration Laboratory with accreditation!

In July 2022, our Calibration Laboratory received accreditation with the number AP 209 granted by the Polish Center for Accreditation (PCA) under the EA MLA international agreement. Thus, the Laboratory confirmed compliance with the requirements of PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories" in the field of calibration of electrical quantities.



Oscilloscope Teledyne Lecroy WaveRunner 9000 up to 4GHz



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500MHz to 4GHz

Teledyne Lecroy WaveRunner 9000

Key features:

  • Bandwidth: 500 MHz - 4 GHz

  • Sampling speed up to 40 GS/s

  • 4 analog channels

  • 8-bit resolution

  • Memory depth: 32 - 128 Mpct

  • 15.4" capacitive touchscreen

  • MAUI interface with OneTouch function

  • Powerful set of measurement tools

  • Huge bus analysis capabilities

  • 16 digital channels with 1.25 GS/s sampling rate

  • Wide offset range

  • Wide range of additional options

MAUI interface with OneTouch functionality

MAUI - The most advanced one-touch user interface - all capabilities at your fingertips. Designed and built with ease-of-use in mind, it allows you to intuitively operate the oscilloscope quite like a phone or tablet. Simply touch the waveform to set markers, zoom in on the waveform or get more measurement details.

Powerful set of measurement tools

Powerful waveform analysis tools will provide all the information you need about the waveform. Unlimited possibilities are provided by an acquisition memory of up to 64 Mpct/channel and a best-in-class motherboard - Intel® CoreTM i5-6500 Quad, 3.2 GHz, with up to 16 GB of RAM.

Huge bus analysis capabilities

The instrument offers a rich set of tools and a complete collection of solutions for testing and debugging serial data and validation, tailored to embedded system measurements. It can read and decode a wide range of serial protocols - up to 29 standards, as well as plot an eye chart. Access the most complete set of serial data analysis tools (SDAIII) to create eye diagrams and decompose jitter into Tj, Rj, Dj and more.

Powerful signal capabilities

The oscilloscope combines analog channels with 16 digital inputs. In addition, multiple triggering and decoding options make the WaveRunner 9000 a multifunctional device for decoding serial bus, digital and analog signals.

Wide offset range

The 16-bit DAC allows an offset of ±10 V at 20 mV/div, ±4 V at 5 mV/div, and ±1.6 V at the highest sensitivity of 1 mV/div. Such large available offset values make it easy to record and preview small signal changes (e.g., ripple, noise, transient noise) of DCs or sensors. They also provide extended offset ranges for many Teledyne LeCroy high-voltage probes.

"M" models with maximum sampling frequency and memory

A sampling rate of 40 GS/s allows detailed edge reproduction even for the fastest rising time signals. Extremely deep acquisition memory (64 Mpkt) allows the maximum sampling rate to be maintained over longer periods of time and debug the behavior of high-speed serial data buses.

WaveRunner 8000-R 2U

The WaveRunner 9000 acquisition system is used by the WaveRunner 8104-R, WaveRunner 8254M-R and WaveRunner 8404M-R oscilloscopes capable of handling bandwidths up to 4 GHz and designed in a convenient, compact 2U chassis.

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