NDN Calibration Laboratory with accreditation!

In July 2022, our Calibration Laboratory received accreditation with the number AP 209 granted by the Polish Center for Accreditation (PCA) under the EA MLA international agreement. Thus, the Laboratory confirmed compliance with the requirements of PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories" in the field of calibration of electrical quantities.



Electronic load RIGOL DL3031/DL3031A 0~60A, 0~150V, 350W



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5 129,10 zł brutto (23% VAT)

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Product overview

  • Dynamic mode: up to 30 kHz
  • Single 150V/60A output
  • Total power of 350W
  • Adjustable current rise rate: 0.001 A/μs to 5 A/μs
  • Minimum reading resolution: 1 mV; 1 mA
  • 4.3" TFT LCD screen with simultaneous display of multiple parameters and statuses
  • Protection against overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, overheating and reverse polarity voltage
  • 4 static modes: CC, CV, CR, CP
  • 3 dynamic modes: continuous, pulsed and switched modes
  • List function - up to 512 program steps can be edited
  • Battery test function, OCP over-current protection test, OPP over-power protection test, factory test function, etc.
  • Short circuit test function
  • Settings memory function when the device is turned off
  • Built-in RS232/USB communication interfaces


Function presentation

Dynamic mode up to 30kHZ

The transient test function allows you to periodically switch the load between two preset levels (Level A and Level B). The mode can be used to test the transient characteristics of the device under test. The highest switching frequency can be set to 30 kHz. In addition, the user interface allows setting parameters via the parameter configuration list and real-time viewing of the configuration graph on the left side of the list.

Current ramp rate up to 5A/us

The current ramp rate is defined as the rate of transition from one set current value to another. The user can set the actual value of the transition time from one current value to another by changing the current rise rate (Slew). The current rise rate can be set from 0.001 A/μs to 5 A/μs.

Output sequence programming function (List)

The user can generate complex load sequences by editing the set values for each program step, delay time and rise rate (rise rate can only be edited in CC constant current mode) to meet the requirements of complex test tasks.

Waveform display function

The electronic load is equipped with a waveform display function and waveform operations such as stopping the waveform (pause), stretching and compressing the waveform, and recording the waveform. This allows the user to dynamically observe the trend of parameter changes during testing.

Easy retention and reading of files from memory

The load allows different types of files to be stored in internal and external memory. The files can be recalled from memory and read as needed.

Acoustic indication of OVP/OCP/OPP/OTP/ and reverse voltage polarity protection operation

When one of the OVP/OCP/OPP/OTP/Reverse Voltage protections is triggered, the load immediately automatically disconnects the input, stopping current draw from the circuit under test. A corresponding message is then displayed on the screen.

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