Flex System HERA - laboratory furnitures



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FLEX Base for Workshop Bench
Optionally with Hydraulic Height Adjustment
4.6 Bench Tops and Mechanical Bench Tops
4.7 Special Bench Tops
4.8 FLEX Foot Rest
4.9 Continuous Foot Rest for FLEX Workshop Bench
4.10 Set of FLEX Upright Sections;
FLEX Cross Brace for Workshop Bench
4.11 PC Support for FLEX Workshop Bench;
Foldable Bench Enlargement
4.13 FLEX FiFo Shelf
4.16 FLEX Shelf; FLEX Swivel Shelf
4.17 FLEX Backplane
4.18 FLEX Cross Bar for Storage Bins
4.19 FLEX Overhead Frame
4.20 FLEX Overhead Lamp and Workspace Lamp
4.21 FLEX Backplane for Socket Strip „INDUSTRY“;
FLEX Socket Strip
4.22 PROFI Bottle Holder; Tool Holder; Turntable
4.24 PROFI Cantilever Arm
4.25 ESD Document Protector DIN A4
4.27 FLEX Mobile, Base
4.28 FLEX Handle;
FLEX Mobile, Swivel Shelf and Perforated Backplane
4.29 FLEX Mobile, Cross Bar for Storage Bins;
FLEX Cable Dispenser
4.30 FLEX Mobile FiFo Shelf
4.32 FLEX 4-Leg-Base, Optionally with Height Adjustment;
Roller Track; Side Elements
4.33 Cylindric Heavy Duty Rollers, Roller Strip
4.34 Stopper; Embedding for Balls and Rollers

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