Guildline 6645Q Calibration system of the original resistance standards



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Featuring NEW Patented 6640Q-QHR Bridge!

    Best Accuracy: ± 0.015 ppm of Reading at QHR Currents of 30 μA - 100 μA with Interchange!

    Fasted Measurement Speed of 2 Seconds!

    Built in Nano-Voltmeter for Hall Resistances and Longitudinal Resistances!

    Pre-Cool with Nitrogen For Cost Savings!

    4 to 6 Day Uninterrupted QHR Operation!

    Option for Magnetic Field Strength Up To 14 Tesla!

    Premium QHR Sample Included, Built by NMI with 20 Years’ Experience

    Change All Key Parameters “On-the-Fly” While the Measurement is Running!

    BridgeWorksTM Data Acquisition Software!

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