Electronic load RIGOL DL3021/DL3021A 0~40A, 0~150V, 200W



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DL3021/DL3021A: single output, 150 V, 40 A , total power up to 200 W

  • DL3031/DL3031A: single output, 150 V/60 A, total power up to 350 W
  • Dynamic mode: up to 30 kHz
  • Adjustable current rising speed: 0.001 A/μs to 5 A/μs
  • Min. readback resolution: 0.1 mV,0.1 mA
  • 4.3-inch TFT LCD, capable of displaying multiple parameters and states simultaneously
  • Overvoltage/overcurrent/overpower/overtemperature/reverse voltage protection
  • 4 static modes: CC, CV, CR, CP
  • 3 dynamic modes: continuous, pulsed, toggled
  • List function supports editing as many as 512 steps
  • Battery test function, OCP test, OPP test, factory test function, etc.
  • Short-circuit test function
  • Power-off memory function
  • Built-in RS232/USB/LAN communication interface
  • USB-GPIB module (optional)



Model 3021

Input Ratings
Current 0~40A
Voltage 0~150V
Power 200W at 40°C

Minimum Operation Voltage@Full Scale Current 1V@40A

Constant Current Mode
Range 0~4A
Resolution 1mA
Accuracy ±(0.05℅+0,05% FS)

Constant Voltage Mode
Range 0~15V
Resolution 1mA
Accuracy ±(0.05℅+0,02% FS)

Constant Resistance Mode
Range 0,08~15Ω
Resolution 2mA/Vsense
Accuracy (0.2%)+0.2%IFS

Constant Power Mode
Range 0~200W
Resolution 100mW

Current Slew Rates
Range 1mA/us~0,25A/us
Resolution 1mA/us
Accuracy 5% + 10us

Current Measurement
Range 0~4A
Resolution 1mA
Accuracy ±(0.05℅+0,05% FS)

Voltage Measurement
Range 0~150V
Resolution 1mV
Accuracy ±(0.05℅+0,02% FS)

Resistance Measurement
Range 0,08Ω~15kΩ
Resolution 2mA/Vsense

Power Measurement
Range 0~200W
Accuracy 100mW

Input Resistance 350kΩ

Dimension 239 mm(W) x 157mm(H) x 442mm(D)

Net Weight 7,58

Power AC230V±15℅

Frequency 48 to 63Hz

Interface USB Device, USB Host, LAN, RS232, Digital I/O

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