DC electronic load IT8300 ITECH



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♦ Voltage range: 80 V / 800 V

♦ Stand-alone input current up to 3570A

♦ Stand-alone input power up to 73.5KW

♦ Support master-slave paralleling, current equalized distribution, maximum output power up to 105 kW or more *1

♦ Energy-regenerative efficiency Max. 95% *2*3

♦ 3 U size, high power density up to 10.5 kW

♦ On-grid electricity accumulation function

♦ Automatic grid-state detection, achieve reliable on-grid function, anti-islanding protection

♦ 4 testing modes: CC/CV/CR/CP

♦ Dynamic loading mode

♦ Battery test function, automatic test function, short circuit test function

♦ Multiple parameters measurement & display:Vdc、Idc、Pdc、Vac、Pac、Fac、Wac

♦ With pre-charging function, prevent dc loading current overshoot

♦ Full protection:OVP/OCP/OPP/OTP/ACP and power grid fault protection, fault storage

♦ Built-in standard LAN/USB/RS232 / RS485 / CAN communication interface, support SCPI protocol

*1 Please consult with ITECH f or higher po wer r equirement
*2 Efficienc y up t o about 95% f or 800V, efficienc y up t o about 94% f or 80V
*3 The r egenerative po wer is f or in-plant r euse, not f or f eeding back t o public grid




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