In addition to its commercial activities, NDN is authorized service of many manufacturers. Well-skilled employees perform warranty and post warranty repairs of our measuring equipment, n particular:

  • Digital multimeters, laboratory power supplies, oscilloscopes, frequency meters,
  • Clamp meters, generators, spectrum analyzers, non-electrical meters,
  • Meters for electricians.

In a laboratory equipped with renowned equipment, the calibration of the control and measurement equipment is performed. Calibrators are used FLUKE models 5500A and 5520A with oscilloscope option 1.1GHz. Calibrators are subjected to periodic tests at the Central Office of Measures of the Republic of Poland.

NDN issues inspection certificates that are mainly required when the company has a quality system in place according to ISO standards.

Certificates are issued for:

  • Oscilloscopes with bandwidth up to 1GHz,
  • Digital multimeters, clamp multimeters,
  • Non-electrical,
  • Insulation resistance meters up to 5kV

And the following measurements:

  • Constant voltage,
  • Variable voltage (sinusoidal, rectangular and triangular waveform up to 1MHz),
  • Direct current,
  • Alternating current (sinusoidal, rectangular and triangular waveform up to 1MHz)
  • Resistance, capacity, frequency, power,
  • Temperature (simulation of any type of thermocouple probes: B, C, E, J, K, L, N, R, S, T, U, platinum probes type Pt100, Pt1000, Pt385, Pt3926, Pt3916 and Ni120 and Cu427).

For further information, please contact +48 22 6411547 with our service engineers.

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